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Over the course of Sunday I had 3 photos with Jensen & Jared, as well as autograph sessions with them, so I got to know Clif pretty well lol & when I walked in, he gave me a big hug and a high five. I asked if he could be in the photos with us and he said “well yeah, if you want, but are you sure you want me there?” and I was like “omg of course” So when it was my turn, I got up and told Jensen the pose, I said “so I’m gonna reach toward you & Clif is gonna hold me back” like, originally I had no intention of touching him, because I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable etc etc, and Jensen was like “no no no, GRAB THIS” and grabbed a fistful of his shirt and I was like WTF WTF WTF OMG, so I did & his chest was so warm and he smelled so good and WOW, and then he said “thanks” winked at me, and rubbed my back as I was walking out, wTF BRUH

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"You are my brother. And I'm here to take you home."
- Sam Winchester

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I’m a demon.

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Why should I apologize for the monster I’ve become? No one ever apologized for making me this way.

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So sexy it hurts ...

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↳ 9x17/10x02

In palmistry, the left hand represents the destiny that you were born with.

The left hand is the tether to who you were truly meant to be.